Our Franchise model plans for your business

Know How You Will Get Your Money Back?

Rent at $2 per sft $1200
Salary for 2 employees


Internet, Power and Gas charge $1050
Total Cost per month $7250

ie; $275 per day

Overall Operational & Material Cost Will Be 25% of the gross sale.

15 Months


On Avg Sale

Per Day $ 600

Per Month $ 18,000

7 Months


On Avg Sale

Per Day $ 1000

Per Month $ 30,000

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Our Kingdum Biryani Restraunt models are designed with assured ROI and delivering the same flavors, taste and quality across the globe. Our model is a All in One package for enthusiasts trying to own a restaurant or food joint on their own. Have a look through our specially designed Restaraunt.