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*Transit time – 3 to 4 business days.

Courier Services

1Kg Rs2450 /-
2Kg Rs2800 /-
3Kg Rs3400 /-
4Kg Rs4000 /-
5Kg Rs4500 /-
6Kg Rs4680 /-
7Kg Rs5320 /-
8Kg Rs5600 /-
8Kg Rs5600 /-
9Kg Rs6120 /-
10Kg above Rs650 /- per kg
16Kg above Rs640 /- per kg
21Kg above Rs600 /- per kg
25Kg above Rs590 /- per kg
*All inclusive of fuel sub charges and GST

Service charges

1kg to 5 kg Rs999 /-
5kg to 10 kg Rs 1299 /-
10kg to 20kg Rs 1599 /-
20kg to 30kg Rs 1999 /-
30kg to 50 kg Rs 2599 /-
*All inclusive of fuel sub charges and GST