We at KingDum Biryani believe that “Biryani” is the most loved food of India WHICH SATISFIES BOTH YOUR HUNGER & YOUR SOUL.

Biryani is considered as a complete meal, as it’s filled with aroma, flavors and spices. Recipes often hold the authenticity & versatility of Indian sub-continent. As anyone can think of it as a very complicated dish to prepare, we are embedding the recipe with world class technologies, processes & systems to offer you a simple best quality & standardized hygienic dish. Simplicity, convenience & taste is the core idea of our founder Mr. Venkat Kuchipudi. His single point goal is to see that everyone becomes a self dependent entrepreneur and start their own food junction with KingDum Biryani.

Perfect Aroma, Best Flavours, Amazing Taste, World Class Biryani. Make World Class Biryani on the go and open Your Own Restruants.

A word From Our Founder


Mr. Venkat Kuchipudi


A word From Our CEO


Mr. Abhilash Naik


Our Franchise Models

“Biryani” Is the most dominant and supreme dish on the Indian cuisine menu. We here at KingDum wish to take this unique taste and recipe with a simple, easy and end to end solution. We offer a complete package which enables anyone to set up their own franchisees - Food Truck’s / Kiosks / Trolleys - INDIA , Restaurant or food joint – Overseas , Without compromising on the quality and taste. KingDum biryani maintains high quality and taste and hence the model is designed with assured ROI. Here is your first step to own your own food joint without any prior experience.

Why To Choose Us

KingDum biryani is a hand-crafted recipe with the perfect proportions of spices and ingredients to achieve the authentic flavour of biryani. It is hassle-free, simple, and easy to cook. Its prices are extremely competitive and the concept is Unique. KingDum biryani opens opportunities for everyone to quickly make Indian’s first ready to cook biryani! KingDum Biryani offers Quality food and choice of flavors that are specially designed and executed. All businesses might face some location-related risks, but with KingDum we assure you that you won't face any such issues. Our Trucks and Kiosks are effortlessly mobile and can be moved to any viable and suitable location.

About Us

About Us

A Word From Founder

I always believed the fact that indian spices are a mystique, which properly mixed can bring out some priceless and addictive results.The possible heart winning dish with all these mysterious spices involved ,can only be BIRYANI.

The major challenge, we had was, reducing the complexity in preparing this world famous dish by making it so effortless to prepare with our unique patented recipe.

As a brand we are entensively delivering a technique to not only cook your favourite biryani but even bring forth an opportunity to do business.


-Venkat Kuchipudi


A Word From CEO

Making a good dish, is an Art but allowing more people to taste it, is like spreading love. I truly believe that “Biryani” has a unique flavor, aroma and taste that is enjoyed by many people around the world. Giving everybody an opportunity to have their own food business and allowing millions of people around the world to relish the taste of the perfect biryani recipe in a simple model, lays the path for our favorite Indian dish to reach millions of taste buds worldwide.


-Abhilash Naik